Feature Articles

Feature Articles

This recurring stand-alone article series joins our weekly Transpartisan Notes series (begun July 4, 2016) and consists of important articles from the transpartisan community. The articles come from individuals such as The Transpartisan Review’s advisors, colleagues, family, friends and commenters. We plan to publish such articles as they seem useful.

Political Armageddon

by Ralph Benko

January 2019 – “Our major secret weapon is to deprive you of an enemy.” Columnist Ralph Benko explores the meaning behind this notable Soviet-era quote.

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The Right To Bear Arms: A Disfavored Right

by Anthony P. Picadio

February 2019 – Southern slave states would never have ratified the Second Amendment if it had been understood as creating an individual right to own firearms because of their fear of arming free blacks.

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What Transpartisan Means To Joan Blades

by TTR Editors

March 2019 – “For me, transpartisan is about getting everyone in a room — regardless of their political leanings — to embrace their natural desire for healthy community and encourage them to listen to each other, and yet be willing to have a very different viewpoint and still be respectful of one another.”

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Aging Politics: Millennials and the Transpartisan Movement

by Matthew Cassidy

April 2019 – Millennials have an untapped superpower: the power to decide the next leaders of the United States. In almost logarithmic fashion, the Millennials have ascended to a role unseen since the baby boomers. They are a political force. Advertisers covet this demographic; establishment politicians fear them. Millennials represent the young generation that grew up at the dawn of the internet.

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Transpartisan Maturity in Utah

by John T. Kesler

May 2019 – As much as we are all aware of extreme political polarization and dysfunction in America on a national level, there are many examples on a state and local level across the United States of more mature and transpartisan approaches to leadership, public policy, processes, systems and cultural orientation.

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Why I Am Transpartisan

by John Steiner

June 2019 – “For me, transpartisan describes a meme, a field, a constituency, a dynamic, a movement, and even a philosophy. Transpartisan has emerged as an important political expression in the 21st century, recognizing differences agreeably while mostly focusing on our commonalities.”

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See How They Run, Part 1

by A. Lawrence Chickering & James S. Turner

July 2019 – In part 1, we look at the current political climate and how our Transpartisan Matrix can inform us about the long, electoral road ahead.  We also take a closer look at the impact of “political theatre” on our elections and take lessons from the strategies of President Donald Trump.

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A Conservative Explains (No Sarc!) Why Conservatives Should Love AOC

by Ralph Benko

August 2019 – Regular contributor, advisor to The Transpartisan Review, and master of hypnosis, Ralph Benko, turns his eclectic gaze upon the impactful congresswomen from New York in this insightful look at how her “grit, determination, fighting spirit” and her “visionary character” is a beacon of human dignity and liberty.

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See How They Run, Part 2

by A. Lawrence Chickering,  James S. Turner & Anitha Beberg

September 2019 – In part 2, we continue to look at the current political climate and how our Transpartisan Matrix can inform us about the long, electoral road ahead.  We also take a closer look at Democratic candidates Mayor Pete Buttigeig, Andrew Yang, and Marianne Williamson — and learn that stories about citizen engagement can add substantive and rhetorical momentum to political campaigns.

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Privacy in the Age of Surveillance

by Anthony P. Picadio

October 2019 – Individual privacy continues to be a major casualty of rapidly developing information technology. Google and Facebook, Amazon and Walmart, Verizon and Comcast all know more about us than we know about ourselves. All of this data about individuals has become a commodity to be used, bought and sold by private enterprise and fuels a wide range of businesses. In this article from the Pennsylvania Bar Association Quarterly, Attorney Anthony Picadio examines the response of The Supreme Court to issues of privacy in this age of surveillance.

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