Transpartisan Notes Collection

Having celebrated two years earlier this year, we continue to collect past Notes together in convenient collections.  You’ll find the first three below, and once we have finished the third issue of our flagship Transpartisan Review, the fourth collection, bringing us up to the end of President Trump’s second year in office, will be added as well.  

From the Authors & Editors of the Transpartisan Review

If you are only now discovering A. Lawrence Chickering and Jim S. Turner’s Transpartisan Notes, here’s a chance to read them all at once and even put them on your favorite mobile device.

Collection #1 explores several facets of “transpartisan” through the 2016 election season leading up to President Trump’s inauguration and the release of The Transpartisan Review Issue #1.

Read:  The Transpartisan Notes – Part One, July – December 2016

Collection #2 tackles a multitude of issues from the first half of 2017 leading up to the release of The Transpartisan Review Issue #2.

Read:  The Transpartisan Notes – Part Two, January – June 2017

Collection #3 expands the conversation through the second half of 2017, sharing stories of transpartisan partnerships in D.C., transpartisan efforts world-wide, and the impact of individuals past and present.

Read:  The Transpartisan Notes – Part Three, July – December 2017

You can read each in your browser by clicking on its link.  If you would like to download the collection to your desktop to read offline or to transfer to another device, right-click on the link and select the download option.


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