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The following news items are an aggregation of RSS feeds taken from over 60 websites across the web.  They represent member organizations from the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, the Bridge Alliance, and supporting organizations of the Transpartisan Review.  Although not all items reflect transpartisan news and opinion, the following feed offers an interesting snapshot of the work of organizations who pursue a mission of sharing meaningful ideas and lasting solutions to our most pressing problems.

  • Apply by Oct. 9th to Host A Nevins Fellow *for Free*!
    NCDD Member Organization the McCourtney Institute for Democracy is again offering the incredible opportunity for D&D organizations to take advantage of their Nevins Democracy Leaders Program. The 2019-20 application is open now through Wednesday, October 9th, for organizations who want to host a bright, motivated, D&D-trained student at no-cost! The Nevins Democracy Leaders Program was founded in 2014 after a gift from David Nevins, President and Co-Director of the Bridge Alliance, an NCDD Member Org. The program provides Penn State students with education and ­training in transpartisan leadership skills by exposing them to a variety of viewpoints and philosophies, as well as teaching critical thinking along with the ... (Read More)
    Source: National Coalition for Dialogue & DeliberationPublished on 2019-09-23By Keiva Hummel
  • AOC was Right about Amazon
    Better Angels doesn’t try to change peoples’ strong views or move them toward the center. It’s an organization very comfortable with the red/blue divide, as long we speak in productive ways that include empathy and careful listening. Still, there can be powerful moments when the red/blue divide breaks down, and when two people connect on a significant issue on which they do agree. These moments are very instructive because they show that peoples’ views aren’t monolithic, always aligning perfectly with the platforms of the Republican or Democratic Parties. I had a moment like this a few months ago, when Representative ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2019-09-22By Justin Naylor
  • 2019 Community Oregon Expo
    A one-day exposition that will include all Community Oregon program participants and special invitees. The brief and varied presentations will showcase what has been learned, and to invite support for initiatives and projects that Community Oregon program participants wish to develop or support as a result of their experience in the program. Find out more... ... (Read More)
    Source: Healthy DemocracyPublished on 2019-09-21By Kelly Coates
  • Announcing the TurboVote Engaged Community College Program!
    By Nicole Costa, Campus Outreach LeadWhile many television shows and movies may have you believe otherwise, today’s college students are not all cut from the same four-year-residential-campus cloth. In fact, in 2016-17, nearly 40 percent of enrolled undergraduate students attended two-year colleges and nearly 50 percent of all students who completed their degree at a four-year institution in 2015-16 had previously enrolled in a two-year college, according to the Community College Research Center. Given this landscape and the monumental importance of increasing youth voter turnout, it is crucial that the engagement of student voters at community colleges is actively discussed ... (Read More)
    Source: Democracy WorksPublished on 2019-09-19By Tanene Allison
  • Hearing on Improving Budget and Appropriations Process
    Matt Owens, Executive Vice President of the Association of American Universities and a stakeholder in our Building a Better Budget Process Project, testified before the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress to share the group’s recommendations.  Watch here. ... (Read More)
    Source: ConvergencePublished on 2019-09-19By admin
  • Jefferson Center on Making Our Democracy More Meaningful
    NCDD Sponsor organization, The Jefferson Center, share a piece written by Annie Pottorff called “Americans are ready for more meaningful democracy”. The article lifts up the recent report published by Public Agenda that explored what Americans think about the current state of our democracy. We encourage you to read the article below and find the original version on JC’s site here. Americans are ready for more meaningful democracy Last week, the nonpartisan research and public engagement organization Public Agenda released new findings about what Americans thought about the state of democracy. The results weren’t exactly surprising: 39% say America’s democracy is “in crisis” ... (Read More)
    Source: National Coalition for Dialogue & DeliberationPublished on 2019-09-19By Keiva Hummel
  • Rusty Reno on Politics and Religion in the Age of Donald Trump
    Ciaran rides solo for a stimulating conversation with Rusty Reno of First Things. Rusty talks about the homogenization of the political elite, and how he sees the electoral college as a bulwark against the power of those with social and economic advantages. In one of the more stimulating portions, Ciaran challenges Rusty’s yearning for a return to an America based on hierarchy. Rusty, aka R.R. Reno, is the editor of First Things and a former professor of theology and ethics at Creighton University. He’s the author of several books discussing moral theology, such as Sanctified Vision: An Introduction to Early ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2019-09-18By Better Angels
  • Quick Signature: Tell Congress to Ban Surprise Medical Bills!
    For the first time ever, Congress has an opportunity to pass bipartisan legislation that will ban surprise medical bills, and would protect patients while holding down health care costs and premiums. That’s right—bipartisan legislation that would have a huge positive impact for families across the country is within reach of passage. **But dark money from provider groups is pouring into ad campaigns to stop it, so we need everyone to speak out to support this bipartisan legislation. Quick signature: Sign our petition to Congress telling them to pass legislation to ban surprise medical bills!  Bipartisan legislation that helps families? Yes, please! ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2019-09-18By Felicia Burnett
  • Restoring Trust in Democracy: How You Can Make a Difference
    Restoring Trust in Democracy: How You Can Make a Difference Restoring Trust in Democracy: How You Can Make a Difference is a public awareness event about Healthy Democracy's Citizens Jury work this fall. Participants will be trained to assist Healthy Democracy on getting the word out to local governments or other partners who are interested in implementing this method of citizen engagement. Find out more... ... (Read More)
    Source: Healthy DemocracyPublished on 2019-09-18By Kelly Coates
  • 9/18/19 – New York Bans Flavored E-Cigarette Sales, Following Michigan - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a Sep. 17, 2019 ban on flavored e-cigarettes amidst a nationwide health scare among teens who vape. The Public Health and Health Planning Council voted on emergency regulations on Sep. 17, and NY Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker will offer a recommendation on banning menthol flavoring within two weeks. The ban will be enforced starting Oct. 7, when retailers will face fines of up to $2,000 per unit of flavored e-liquid offered for sale. ... (Read More)
    Source: ProCon.orgPublished on 2019-09-18
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