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The following news items are an aggregation of RSS feeds taken from over 60 websites across the web.  They represent member organizations from the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, the Bridge Alliance, and supporting organizations of the Transpartisan Review.  Although not all items reflect transpartisan news and opinion, the following feed offers an interesting snapshot of the work of organizations who pursue a mission of sharing meaningful ideas and lasting solutions to our most pressing problems.

  • Group works to bring liberals and conservatives together
    By Aaron Hosman, KCRG MARION- Better Angels has a mission to depolarize American political conversations, and the group spoke Tuesday at the Marion – East Cedar Rapids Rotary Club. Leaders from that organization said there is a growing divide between the values of Republican and Democratic parties along with growing animosity. They want to help people talk to one another with opposing political views without sacrificing their own ideals. “I think this has the chance of healing those divides, repairing our broken politics, repairing broken families and things like that and driving policy solutions ultimately, so getting that dialogue going ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2019-10-08By Better Angels
  • Promoting majority rule: A response to concerns about “exhausted ballots”
    Ranked choice voting (RCV) passed a new test in 2018 - it was used for the first time in state primaries and federal general elections, including a closely contested bellwether congressional district, in Maine. Exit polls showed that 60% of Maine voters wanted to either keep or expand the system. Overwhelmingly, voters of all partisan stripes reported finding it easy. In 2019, RCV was even expanded to include Maine’s presidential elections. Maine’s first use of RCV in 2018 included its second congressional district election, a district that twice voted for Obama and then voted heavily for Trump in 2016, making ... (Read More)
    Source: Fair VotePublished on 2019-10-08
  • Take Action on Equal Representation in Academia
    Each week the AIT community receives #TakeActionTuesday with tips for creating impactful change in their community and beyond. From new online tools, to pending policy updates, subscribe today to make sure you don’t miss these action-oriented recommendations. On this day in 1993, Toni Morrison accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature, making her the first and only African American woman to win a Nobel Prize in any category. Importantly, this issue reaches beyond women authors of color to the broader underrepresentation of women of color in academia as a whole. While there are more women in higher education now than ever, many occupy the ... (Read More)
    Source: All In TogetherPublished on 2019-10-08By Priya Elangovan
  • Here’s Your Reminder That Immigrants Really Do Improve Our Lives
    By Trace Mitchell. Reposted from Immigration is looking to play a crucial role in the 2020 election. Donald Trump ran and won the presidency on a platform of increased border security, tighter restrictions on immigration, and the building of a physical wall along the southern border. On the other side of the aisle, repealing section 1325 of the U.S. Code—the portion that makes it a criminal offense to enter the country through improper channels—was a primary issue during the first Democratic debate. No matter your views on American immigration policy, we should all take time to appreciate the many ways ... (Read More)
    Source: Bridge AlliancePublished on 2019-10-08
  • Asian American Women Power Up in DC
    RAVRecently, the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) kicked off its Power Up Conference, a convening of more than 100 advocates from across the nation to help fuel the reproductive justice movement for Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) women and girls. Advocates will share tools and resources steeped in decades of grassroots organizing and policy advocacy and hear from speakers such as Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran.  “In the wake of ongoing detrimental and inhumane policies that disproportionately impact women of color, NAPAWF’s Power Up Conference is centered around building power and strategizing to add fire to a vibrant reproductive justice movement,” says ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2019-10-07By Sung Yeon Choimorrow
  • 10/7/19 – Marijuana Compounds to Be Studied by National Institutes of Health - The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded nine research grants totaling $3 million to study the “pain-relieving properties" in marijuana's cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBD. The University of California San Francisco and the University of Utah are two of the award recipients. ... (Read More)
    Source: ProCon.orgPublished on 2019-10-07
  • Top #5Actions of the Past Week: October 4, 2019
    We're back with this week's list of top actions, kicking off with a petition to urge our representatives to hold leaders accountable and pursue a thorough impeachment inquiry. It's critical we all speak up to defend our democracy and our institutions, so please be sure to sign and share with everyone you know who might want to add their name. And scroll down for important actions around abortion access, voting, and more, as well as a photo of our Executive Director Kristin delivering our Mom Platform to presidential candidates!Thank you, and here are our top #5Actions of the past week! ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2019-10-07By Karen Showalter
  • Should Donald Trump Be Impeached?
    Ciaran and John tackle the impeachment question! The post Should Donald Trump Be Impeached? appeared first on Better Angels. ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2019-10-04By Better Angels
  • Communications Coordinator Noah Durham featured in The Fulcrum
    Noah Durham is the communications coordinator at Take Back Our Republic, a conservative organization in Alabama advocating for changes in federal campaign finance rules focused on increasing disclosure requirements for big special-interest groups and reduced regulation of small-dollar individual donors. A native of Baton Rouge, La., and a 23-year-old student at Auburn University, he started volunteering for TBOR in 2015 and joined the staff two years later. His answers have been lightly edited for clarity and length. To read the post in its entirety click here The post Communications Coordinator Noah Durham featured in The Fulcrum appeared first on Take ... (Read More)
    Source: Take Back Our RepublicPublished on 2019-10-04By Admin
  • Quick action to overturn the Hyde abortion ban!
    For over four decades, anyone who relies on government health care has been unable to use their benefits to cover the cost of an abortion.  This week marks the 43rd anniversary of the enactment of the Hyde Amendment. This harmful amendment restricts government funds from being used to cover abortion—except in extremely limited circumstances—essentially ensuring that low-income women (and people of all gender identities) can’t access the same rights to safe, legal abortion as the rest of the population. Quick signature! Urge your member of Congress to co-sponsor the EACH Woman Act which would repeal the Hyde Amendment! *When you ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2019-10-04By Nadia
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