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The following news items are an aggregation of RSS feeds taken from over 60 websites across the web.  They represent member organizations from the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, the Bridge Alliance, and supporting organizations of the Transpartisan Review.  Although not all items reflect transpartisan news and opinion, the following feed offers an interesting snapshot of the work of organizations who pursue a mission of sharing meaningful ideas and lasting solutions to our most pressing problems.

  • The Biden Gamble in the Race with China
    Washington –No matter what you think of Joe Biden, you’ve got to admit he’s gutsy, he’s bold, he goes for the big enchilada. Our new President is a risk-taker.  With paper-thin Democratic majorities in Congress, Biden is not only pushing another whopping $2 trillion economic package, but he is defying the cornerstone mantra of American laissez-faire capitalism, which is to get the government out of the way and let private enterprise dream uo the space-age inventions of the future. In his massive new infrastructure project, President Joe Biden is betting big-time that government financing can generate ... (Read More)
    Source: ReclaimPublished on 2021-03-31By hedrick
  • Get to know Generation Citizen’s New York Executive Director: Khin Mai Aung!
    We’re excited to announce that Generation Citizen has a brand new New York Executive Director: Khin Mai Aung!   Khin Mai Aung is the former Executive Director and Assistant Counsel at the Office of Bilingual Education & World Languages in the New York State Education Department, former Director of the Educational Equity Program at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and an accomplished civil rights attorney. She also brings her experience as the Director of Policy and Civic Engagement at the Youth Leadership institute, and other ... (Read More)
    Source: Generation CitizenPublished on 2021-03-31
  • The Virtue of Friendship
    Gracious Reader, My name is Alexandra Hudson. I’m the founder and curator of Civic Renaissance, a publication and newsletter dedicated to healing our public discourse by reviving the wisdom of the past and the life of the mind. I’m also a supporter and friend of Braver Angels. I first learned about Braver Angels through a May 2018 article in The Economist, which described their work and outlined their vision for remedying our divisions by re-humanizing our politics. I had recently left a government position in Washington D.C. and had lived through our deep divisions first hand. I knew I ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2021-03-30By Braver Angels
  • Women In Healthcare Equity Forum
    On March 8, 2021, All In Together convened private and public sector leaders in healthcare to engage in action-oriented conversation about women’s growing role as healthcare’s primary innovators. Agenda and Featured Speakers COVID Vaccine Breakthrough – The Women Scientists Leading the Charge Dr. Judy Absalon, MD, MPH, FIDSA, Senior Medical Director of Vaccine Clinical Research, Pfizer Dr. Paula Annunziato, Vice President of Global Clinical Development, Merck Apoorva Mandavilli, Science and Global Health Reporter, The New York Times Jacqueline Miller, Senior Vice President, Infectious Disease Development, Moderna Healthcare Equity and Access in ... (Read More)
    Source: All In TogetherPublished on 2021-03-30By Priya Elangovan
  • Virginia Approves TBOR and American Promise backed study of comprehensive reform measures
    The General Assembly did take one action on cleaner elections and greater trust in government: the creation of a joint subcommittee to study and issue a report on comprehensive campaign finance reforms.  Morgan said their group and allies will be engaging with the joint subcommittee process in ways that they hope will lead to bills being reintroduced next year with senators’ concerns assuaged. Far from dropping out of the legislative deliberations, their chapter and other grassroots groups including Voters’ Right to Know, the League of Women Voters of Virginia, and Take Back Our Republic are already seeking to participate ... (Read More)
    Source: Take Back Our RepublicPublished on 2021-03-29By Justin Hill
  • Tax cuts for families, not mega-corporations! SIGN NOW!
    We are moving full steam ahead to make sure our elected leaders pass universal childcare, paid leave for all, help for struggling families and working people, and create a fairer tax code for women, moms, families, and everyone impacted by structural racism. But all of that takes $$$. That’s why it’s a perfect time to make sure the wealthy and mega-corporations are paying their fair share! We need you to speak out and make your voice heard! ***SIGN OUR LETTER calling on President Biden and Congress to make permanent working family tax credits like the EITC and Child ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2021-03-29By Elyssa Schmier
  • The Rise of College Student Hunger & Homelessness
    Being in the midst of a pandemic, I like to reflect back on my time as a young student on the campus of North Carolina State University. Only a few years ago, I was one of the 36,000+ students that would cross the bricks of the Brickyard, venture into the libraries on main & centennial campus, and ride along on the Wolfline. I have many fond memories and experiences from my time there and still find ways to come back to campus from time to time and see all the progress and changes. However, I recently found out about ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2021-03-29By Kia Downer
  • Our Course on Post-Progressive Politics is Making Great Progress
    We’re now on week 7 of my 9-week course on Post-Progressive Politics. I’m pleased to say our 50 person group has gelled nicely—they’re asking tough questions and making great progress. It’s an honor to be with these fine folks every Wednesday night! Share The post Our Course on Post-Progressive Politics is Making Great Progress appeared first on Institute for Cultural Evolution. ... (Read More)
    Source: Institute for Cultural EvolutionPublished on 2021-03-27By Steve McIntosh
  • WI-02 Residents Agree on Reforms to Social Security, Eliminating Most of Shortfall and Increasing Some Benefits
    Rep. Pocan Attends “Citizen Panel Forum” to Discuss New Findings – In a unique survey of 406 residents of Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District, majorities of Republicans and Democrats agreed on steps that would resolve most of [...] The post WI-02 Residents Agree on Reforms to Social Security, Eliminating Most of Shortfall and Increasing Some Benefits appeared first on . ... (Read More)
    Source: Voice Of the PeoplePublished on 2021-03-27By Allison Stettler
  • Celebrating the Role of Women in Shaping History…And Our Future
    Women’s History Month, recognized each March, celebrates the vital role of women in shaping our history…and our shared future. As a citizen-led nonprofit dedicated to driving more progress and less divisions, we have been fortunate to explore some of our era’s most pressing issues with women who are breaking ground in their pursuit of democracy, truth and the creation of a thriving nation that upholds our common ideals. As we pause to celebrate the accomplishments and progress of women, hear directly from seven iconic CGC panelists in these videos from our YouTube channel, featuring some of our most ... (Read More)
    Source: Common Ground CommitteePublished on 2021-03-26By Emily McFaul
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