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The following news items are an aggregation of RSS feeds taken from over 60 websites across the web.  They represent member organizations from the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, the Bridge Alliance, and supporting organizations of the Transpartisan Review.  Although not all items reflect transpartisan news and opinion, the following feed offers an interesting snapshot of the work of organizations who pursue a mission of sharing meaningful ideas and lasting solutions to our most pressing problems.

  • Can Biden Activate the Political Center?
    Washington – The battle cry ”Go Big, Joe! Go Big!” echoed among Democrats after their underdog candidates scored stunning upset victories in Georgia, picking up two vital senate seats earlier this month. And with his $1.9 trillion corona relief plan, Joe Biden has indeed decided to “Go Big.” But understand: “Going Big” is a gamble. Biden’s call for all the things that Democrats so long wanted for corona relief and that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked – $400 billion for corona vaccine support, $300 billion for the state and local governments, $1,400 more for individuals, school aid ... (Read More)
    Source: ReclaimPublished on 2021-01-19By hedrick
  • National Civic League Webinar 1/21: Bridging Divides Through Community Dialogue
    NCDD partner organization the National Civic League is hosting a webinar this Thursday, January 21st at 2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific. The webinar, titled Bridging Divides through Community Dialogue features NCDD’s own Courtney Breese as well as members John Sarrouf of Essential Partners and Hollie Cost, former mayor of Montevallo, Alabama. We hope you will join this exciting event! For more information, check out the event announcement below, or go to the webinar registration page to sign up! Join the National Civic League for a webinar discussing practical steps for addressing our divisions and bringing our communities together. Too ... (Read More)
    Source: National Coalition for Dialogue & DeliberationPublished on 2021-01-19By Courtney Breese
  • Executive Director John Pudner featured on the podcast “Toppling the Duopoly”
    “In this episode of Toppling the Duopoly, nationally-recognized expert in election reform and host Shawn Griffiths interviews John Pudner, the executive director of the nonpartisan nonprofit Take Back Our Republic. Take Back Our Republic is committed to educating the public on conservative solutions to reform. In the process, it builds nonpartisan coalitions to take on corruption in the political process, shine a light on dark money, end partisan gerrymandering, and implement instant runoff voting (more well known as ranked choice voting) in elections.” Listen to the podcast here! ... (Read More)
    Source: Take Back Our RepublicPublished on 2021-01-15By Noah Durham
  • Review the Week: What’s on Your Checklist? [Jan. 15, 2021]
    ICYMI: One theme ran through each of these popular MomsRising posts for the week ending Jan. 15, 2021. We must do the difficult things to right the ship.  FACEBOOK: January Checklist Many parents have lists to help organize time and resources...groceries, household to-do's, birthdays and anniversaries, etc. MomsRising members have a special kind of list, and it looks something like this. LET'S GET STARTED: January Checklist January_2021_checlist.png INSTAGRAM: The Grown Ups of America Say... This post hit a nerve.  DOUBLE TAP IF YOU AGREE: Remove the Mofo!  ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2021-01-14By Kerri Karvetski
  • The Art of Human Whispering
    The ranch is my office where my horse, dog and other animal herds are my teachers and co-facilitators. They help me see myself as a human animal and shift how I take care of myself and how I show up in my relationships and work.  As mammals of the human variety, we’ve been profoundly socialized out of our animal tendencies and flooded with stimulation to our nervous systems. This has resulted in a survival-based numbing of those animal sensitivities that long ago guided our daily lives. With practice, space, quiet, and the unintentional guidance from others in ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2021-01-14By Beth Killough
  • A Foundation of Accountability
    I became a parent for the third time shortly after the 2016 election, and I vividly remember the sinking feeling of doubt and fear of bringing another child into a world where the United States would elect someone like this as our president. As the descendant of Austrian-Jewish immigrants, the thought of a leader who supports and sympathizes with Nazis and white supremacists was more than just worrisome. I wondered whether this was what my grandparents went through as young adults. Whether my grandmother’s family in Vienna knew that their life was in danger as Hitler rose ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2021-01-13By Daniella Knight
  • Calling California Families: RSVP to help shape the future of child care!
    This year comes with new resolutions, but one of my goals has not changed: Continue using my Mom Voice to make our child care needs to be heard and prioritized.  I am a mother of two and a full-time educator working remotely due to the COVID-19. Like many of you, I am continuously trying to figure out how to juggle the pressure of being 100% present at work while also having to meet my children’s diverse needs. Sound frustratingly familiar? Let’s talk about it.  It’s been 10 months since COVID-19 hit and child care has not gotten any easier for ... (Read More)
    Source: Moms RisingPublished on 2021-01-13By Marysol Perez
  • State Parties Expand Support for RCV in 2020 Across Geographic and Partisan Lines
    2020 was a watershed year for the ranked choice voting (RCV) movement. Legislation favorable to RCV passed in Virginia and Utah, RCV was approved in seven out of eight ballot measures, and RCV was used successfully for the first time in five Democratic presidential primaries. RCV is a common-sense voting reform that prevents expensive runoffs, broadens voter choice, and makes winners more representative of the electorate at large by ensuring the winning candidate has majority support. As such, RCV is not a reform that benefits one political party or another, but rather is a win-win for parties and voters ... (Read More)
    Source: Fair VotePublished on 2021-01-12
  • History Repeats: A New Era of Reform May Model the Old
    By Beth Hladick. Reposted from America emerges from the 2020 election as polarized as ever before. Divided government may offer opportunities for bipartisan policymaking, but is more likely to devolve to partisan gridlock. Yet, we’ve been here before and have emerged stronger from it.  ... (Read More)
    Source: Bridge AlliancePublished on 2021-01-12
  • A Firebell in the Night
    Friends, sometimes it seems there’s nothing an American hates more than their fellow Americans. We are proud of our freedom and our virtue; we fear insurrection and tyranny; we love our country; we rage at those among us who would betray it; we fight for what’s right; we hate those among us who fight for what’s wrong. And we all suffer for it, and America grows weak. Fear, anger, hate—no matter where we are, no matter what we tell ourselves, they push and pull us all in this sharp moment of clarity we now live through. However the present ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2021-01-12By Luke Nathan Phillips
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