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The following news items are an aggregation of RSS feeds taken from over 60 websites across the web.  They represent member organizations from the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, the Bridge Alliance, and supporting organizations of the Transpartisan Review.  Although not all items reflect transpartisan news and opinion, the following feed offers an interesting snapshot of the work of organizations who pursue a mission of sharing meaningful ideas and lasting solutions to our most pressing problems.

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Depolarizing People
    How to make friends and influence people on the other side of the aisle. ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2016-02-15By josephine
    Deadline for applications is March 15, 2016. Change the Story: Our nation’s founders envisioned a republic in which the people would be the ultimate source of power. Today, however, a pervasive cultural narrative – across the right and the left – tells Americans it is pointless to participate in civic life because the game is rigged and their voices just don’t matter. At the Pluribus Project, we believe that it’s time to counter this dominant negative narrative and to displace it with a storyline of citizen empowerment so that Americans can begin to see that change is possible and how ... (Read More)
    Source: The Pluribus ProjectPublished on 2016-02-10By PluribusNews
  • I see…your school…at the top of the next TurboVote Leaderboard!
    I’m looking into the future and there you are, finishing the academic year strong and already prepared for the fall with a voter engagement plan you developed with our partnerships team…!In the next few minutes, I see...all new things. A new opportunity, a new partner university, and most exciting of all...NEW LEADERBOARDS!NSLVEBy now, you know about Tufts University’s National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE). A free service, NSLVE measures student registration and voting rates and provides each participating campus with a tailored report containing those rates broken down by age, class level, race/ethnicity, gender, voting method, and voting ... (Read More)
    Source: Democracy WorksPublished on 2016-02-08By Brandon Naylor
  • What We Learned From Iowa
    On Monday residents in Iowa were able to cast the first votes in the 2016 presidential primary race. At the end of the caucus we learned that Ted Cruz defied the polling leading up to the caucus by defeating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clinched a victory over Bernie Sanders by the skin of her teeth. This week I wanted to take a look back at the strengths and weaknesses exhibited by the leading campaigns:     ... (Read More)
    Source: Centrist ProjectPublished on 2016-02-05
  • Meet the Fellows!
    We're excited to announce our first class of Congressional Innovation Fellows!  Learn more about the fellows and the start of the fellowship below. January 20, 2016TechCongress Announces First Class of Congressional Innovation FellowsEmbedded fellows will provide deep technical knowledge and expertise to Congress WASHINGTON, DC — TechCongress, a fellowship program incubated by New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) that is bringing technologists to Congress, is pleased to announce its first class of Congressional Innovation Fellows: John Costello and JC Cannon.  The Fellows will find a placement with a Member of Congress or Congressional Committee to gain experience in the legislative process and bring ... (Read More)
    Source: Tech CongressPublished on 2016-01-20By Travis Moore
  • Worst Kept Secret In Washington
    Earlier this week President Obama delivered his final State Of The Union.  His speech touched on the successes and shortcomings his administration has had on issues ranging from national security to the economy. However, the President said that one of his biggest regrets was “that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better.” The President argued that there are good people “who would like to see more cooperation, a more elevated debate in Washington, but feel trapped by the imperatives of getting elected, by the noise coming out of your base...It's the worst kept secret in Washington." ... (Read More)
    Source: Centrist ProjectPublished on 2016-01-15
  • Centrist Project: What We Have Learned
    The end of a year is an important time for reflection. In order for a person or organization to grow they need to continually ask themselves: What has gone well for me so far? What can I improve on? As the new year approaches we here at The Centrist Project wanted to take a look back at our experience thus far so we can take the lessons learned with us into 2016 and beyond. Here are a couple of the big ones: ... (Read More)
    Source: Centrist ProjectPublished on 2015-12-28
  • Why Polarization Matters
    Polarization is more our problem than our politicians’. The success of the nation requires that we, the people, overcome it. ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2015-12-22By josephine
  • Why Polarization Matters
    Polarization is more our problem than our politicians’. The success of the nation requires that we, the people, overcome it. ... (Read More)
    Source: Better AngelsPublished on 2015-12-22By josephine
  • Protecting Communities Serving the Public
    August 12, 2000Download the guide A five-session discussion guide designed to help communities bring police and residents together to build trust and respect, develop better policies, and make changes for safer communities. This is the English version of Cómo fortalecer las relaciones entre la policía y las comunidades. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Download the guide Attachment: Protecting Communities Serving the PublicIssue: Community-Police RelationsType: Discussion Guide0        ... (Read More)
    Source: Everyday DemocracyPublished on 2015-12-11By rebecca
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