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Sharing news items from the internet is easy. Collecting and curating them is not. The Transpartisan Voice is an experiment. Not only do we want to assemble a meaningful and regularly updated collection of transpartisan news, but we also want to find a way to make a project like this self-sustainable. Along with our launch, we will begin sharing "mini" surveys: short, five-question requests of our readers to help guide the growth of this project. Each survey is anonymous and takes about two minutes to complete.

Transpartisan Voice Surveys

#1 - The State of Transpartisan News

A Two-Minute, 5-Question Survey • Survey Ends: December 15, 2017

One of the main goals of the Transpartisan Voice news channel is to collect transpartisan news & information in a single location where transpartisan-minded citizens can be exposed to a greater understanding of this growing community. We would appreciate your input and impression of the current availability of transpartisan news.

Your input is appreciated and will help us build a better site.

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